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JourneyMaker- CNC Parts Kit

JourneyMaker- CNC Parts Kit

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The upside-down, ultra-portable 3D printer unfolds in seconds and fits in a spool box, ready to bring your ideas to life anywhere.

Package Contents

  • Bed Holder
  • XY-Spacer
  • Z-Axis Block 
  • Base Plate (Anodized)
  • 1030 extruded (Anodized)
  • Complete Hotend Kit (Brass Insert, Heat Block, Heat Sink, Heat Break)

All of the custom metal parts needed for the JourneyMaker 3D Printer 

Kapton tape is applied in the location of the Power Supply Unit for additional electrical insulation. Do not remove

About JourneyMaker

Tech Specs 

  • Max Print Speed: 250mm/s 
  • Max Travel Speed: 350mm/s 
  • Acceleration: 9800mm/s^2 
  • Build Volume: 180x180x173mm
  • Weight: 2600-3000g 
  • Hotend max temp: 250C
  • Build Plate Max temp: 80-100C
  • Power supply: 24V; 200W
  • Footprint: ~200mmx200mm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Conor Vickers

So awesome to resend linear rails!
Very cool guy move

Samuel Lopez
Worth it!!!!

I have been wanting a Positron Printer for a while now. The easy to follow build guide made this the perfect choice. I highly reccomend building a JourneyMaker Printer.

Good stuff

Parts are well made, plate is anodized to reduce the risk of short on the PSU, and comes with some kapton tape for extra insulation.
Bed holder is a bit rough on the edges from the laser cutting process but cleans up very well with a bit of sanding and paint.
And worth mentioning that the Voxolite team is super responsive for any question, and very friendly to boot. You even get machining updates on Discord!

CNC parts review

Well made parts, there was a minor issue with the motor mounting holes, however this was remedied very quickly by the Voxolite team.

Overall, happy with the purchase decision, and would recommend as an alternative to the original LT/original Positron, although I am yet to build those to compare. For me, the machines parts cost about as much as the Makerbeams would have, so I went with machined parts.


Great quality parts, had everything custom i needed (except the bed) to complete my build. Shipping was quite fast to UK and reasonably priced.