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JourneyMaker Custom Part Kit Bundle

JourneyMaker Custom Part Kit Bundle

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The upside-down, ultra-portable 3D printer unfolds in seconds and fits in a spool box, ready to bring your ideas to life anywhere.

Package Content 

This bundle kit combines all the custom parts needed to build your portable 3D Printer JourneyMaker. 

About JourneyMaker

Tech Specs 

  • Print Speed: 250mm/s 
  • Travel Speed: 350mm/s 
  • Acceleration: 9800mm/s^2 
  • Build Volume: 180x180x173mm
  • Weight: 2600-3000g 
  • Hotend max temp: 250C
  • Build Plate Max temp: 80-100C
  • Power supply: 24V; 200W
  • Footprint: ~200mmx200mm

This is a partial-build kit. Self-sourcing of other parts is required.
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Customer Reviews

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James Loper
Truely portable printing is here

I've recently had the pleasure of putting together a JourneyMaker Positron, and oh boy, is it cool. The build process brings me back to college, tinkering with mechanical bits. The kit goes together really smoothly, as long as you are able to source all the little parts. Prepare yourself for a very fun and enjoyable build.